Love You Madly Original Art

Thank you to these talented (and generous) artists who have contributed original works of art for Love You Madly. Reading the notes about their pieces, you can see how personal they are, and we hope the community connects with them on that deeper level as we embark on the long road to recovery.

“Surf City Vibrancy” by Chris Gallen
“Santa Cruz is an incredible community, with a beautiful landscape. Included in my design are various elements that add to it’s vibrancy: The Beach Boardwalk, Walton Lighthouse, Bluffs, Waves w/Surfer, Seagulls, Sitting Surfer in the Ocean, Palm Trees, Hills, Redwoods, and Golden Eagles.” – Chris Gallen (

“Fleeting Encounter” by Mike Dolgushkin

I grew up on the Peninsula and spent a lot of time in the Santa Cruz Mountains over the years. The background of the image is from that park right next to Mt. Hermon, and the girl with the horse is from an old postcard. The area means so much to me on so many different levels; that’s what the image represents. – Mike Dolgushkin (

Dennis Loren

“I have several friends that live in the Santa Cruz Mountains area. I have spent many pleasant times there. Many of those friends are musicians, so I decided to approach the design like I would a rock concert poster. I like many of the the 60s psychedelic poster artists, have been influenced by both the French Art Nouveau and Viennese Secessionist art movements. Both of these movements featured floral and natural images, as well as interesting lettering and occasional Asian art motifs. These designs were often symmetrical and very colorful. Of course the heart meant that anyone that contributed to the fund was in fact sending their love.” – Dennis Loren (

“Santa Cruz Mountains Acorns” by Gary Houston

“This design offering for the Santa Cruz Mountain Fire Relief centers on an acorn which represents rebirth, but it also represents a possibility. A food source for animals’ winter food supplies, fertilizer for forest soil, and reforestation itself on a grand scale.” – Gary Houston (

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“2020 A Mermaid I Shall Turn To Be (with a hell-fire red glow)” by Prairie Prince

“Last stand on the ocean’s edge before submersion. Save the trees, the seas, the skies.” – Prairie Prince (

“Love You Madly Logo” by Chris Shaw

We thank Chris ( profusely for jumping in first when Love You Madly was just an idea. He created this beautiful logo that has carried us through from the beginning and is on everything we do.